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RIC Airport Commissioners Demographic Survey

Why am I being asked for my demographic information?
Title 49 CFR § 21.9 and other sections in part 21 require recipients to record, retain, and submit certain information to the FAA to assist the FAA in determining whether the recipient is in compliance with Title VI requirements.  Under 49 U.S.C. § 47123, and the Age Discrimination Act, the FAA may require a recipient to collect information, maintain records, or provide reports on creed, sex, or age, if the collection of this information becomes necessary to determine compliance. Title VI plan section 6 Beneficiary Diversity, Staff and Advisor Board Diversity requires collection of demographic information from airport program employees, and members of planning and advisory boards, through voluntary disclosure. Per Section 4 of the Title VI plan, the collection of this information will identify any disparities compared to the community. Additionally, it will provide information to the membership selecting official/committee, particularly when vacancies occur.

Voluntary Participation:
Your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. You may choose to answer all, some, or none of the questions.

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